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We have available electronic products such as Western Union money transfer, E-zwich, GH-Link ATM cards, Mobile Money etc. Our Western Union Money transfer services provides safe, fast and reliable electronic funds transfer services that enable people send and receive funds instantly from over 200 countries and territories.

Our E-zwich services is an innovating method for improving accessibility to banking and retail services. It offers you the platform to interoperate. We issue e-zwich card that enables the cardholder to perform banking and retail transactions at the outlets of other e-zwich financial institutions.

We issue GH-Link ATM cards to our customers. These GH-Link cards are compatible to most of the ATM machines across the country. 

Mobile Money: We offer an electronic wallet service which is convenient and alternative way to banking. No need to rush to banking hall on pay day, salaries of our customer are transferred through MTN Mobile money unto their wallet wherever they are immediately the accounts are credited. It is safe and reliable. All forms of Mobile money services such, cash in, cash outs, transfers etc are available.


Enyan Denkyira Rural Bank Plc offers electronic funds transfer between banks across the Automated Clearing House Network. All kinds of funds transfer transactions, including direct deposit and paychecks and monthly debits for routine payments are available.


At EDRB, we provide convenient means of clearing cheques electronically. Physical cheque is truncated at the point of deposit and replaced by its captured image and MICR codeline data for the rest of the clearing process.


Near Real Time, this service allows businesses to credit bank account of their beneficiaries within 15 minutes of sending funds transfer files to their paying banks.


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